Tag Management is a very cool (apart from the horrendous name) social bookmarking site that I use almost religiously. For such a service which centres around tagging, it has pretty pathetic tag management. Here are some Ruby scripts that attempt to solve just a few of the problems.

The tag search in is an “exact match” search. So if you search for “movies”, URLs tagged as “movie” don’t turn up. Urgh. The only solution is to use only one of “movies” or “movie” as a tag. Now that’s easier said than done. consolidate_tags.rb is a script that identifies such pairs tags and prompts you to decide which one you want to keep. What’s more, it even renames the tag you don’t want to keep to the one you want to. Problem solved. Well, more or less. has an interesting feature called “tag bundles.” You can bundle similar tags together and give a name to this bundle. But, and that’s a big but, this is all a manual process. Yes. You have to painfully go through your tags to bundle them together. Why cannot implement simple clustering / collaborative-filtering techniques is beyond me. And after you have painstakingly done that, you will need to regularly update your bundles with any tags that you have added since you last updated your bundles. Or, you can let bundle_tags.rb do this for you.


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